How to accessorize properly-Tips!

The quickest and most effective to achieve an elegant look or give a new life to a more sober set of clothes is through the use of accessories. However, it is also necessary to bear in mind some simple rules, such as excessive use can have the opposite effect, creating only visually unattractive and even messy.
We recommend that you examine well your body type and size before purchase accessories that complement your look or clothes, in order to be able to distinguish between what you are good or not.
If you feel confused on this point do not worry, it`ll give you some tips on how to accessorize properly.

All women love accessories! From simple to elaborate, through the more sober the most colorful, the options are endless, hence it is normal to feel a little confused about what to use. So check out our upcoming fashion tips on accessories:
The most recommended is to start by first choosing the clothes you want to use and then the accessories, since it is easier to try them and in many combinations. Chosen clothing is then time to start "playing" with the accessories.
With regard to the earrings, these are ideal to give greater emphasis to your face and neck. If the face is round shape, then a long earrings will make it more sleek and elegant. However, in case it has a short neck, so as indicated earrings are smaller and more discreet.
Choose to use a top-neck "V" or more when using low-cut earrings large, so that they do not interfere with your neckline.
A pendant showy and will highlight a beautiful long neck and neck. If you have a large chest can disguise it with a long necklace of pearls around the area to the navel. For women with small breasts, the use of collars larger, more flattened or quite elaborate is a very feasible option. Opt for smaller earrings to the necklace and earrings for more great if it happens just the opposite. This way they will not both be competing for attention, giving prominence to only one of the pieces. Remember, accessories "LESS IS MORE"!
The wipes are also very versatile accessory. You can use them around your neck (as an alternative to a collar), such as belts (to give a touch of color at the waist) or even the head (in the days when your hair is unruly). A handkerchief is also quite effective to hide signs of aging in the neck or facial features more pronounced.
The high-heeled shoes are accessories powerful! They can easily become a more sensual or even a beautiful stretch legs. They also allow a rapid transition to a more casual look for a more formal.
Sunglasses and hats can be used to increase the visual.Contudo note their size in relation to your face type.

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