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4 years ago

So glad that I`ve been posting more often, trying to catch up on all my posts since I`ve been pretty much slacking since June. Anyways topic? Curled hair.
Its funny how all my friends now think I have naturally straight hair since I do that taboo thing of straightening my hair everyday, they forget I naturally have the craziest frizziest pouffy curly hair. So instead of accepting my curls I prefer to curl it. And I always get asked how I curled my hair because EVERYONE really like it. Well, I do 3 different types of curls so I will talk you guys through all of them, and if you guys want me to make a video tutorial I will make one (:
<strong>1. Flat Iron Curls</strong>
I do this one a lot why? Because its fastest of all the curls I do, plus I have a lot of hair and I have to get out the door in the morning for school this takes me 15 minutes tops. (That is if I already straightened my hair) Basic REALLY loose curls. I split my hair in 2 sections one left and one right. Then start curling my hair from the front section and then pulling hair from the back forward (this means you don`t curl your whole head the only full curls you get are in the front then the back of your hair only the ends are curled) its so fast and you get a nice look. I do this even when I have dates with my bf (as you can see above) and I decide to sleep in. (you can find lots of tutorials of how to curl hair with a flat iron on youtube)
<strong>2.Curling Wand curls</strong>(3rd picture)
I don`t have an actual curling wand, I took the clamp off my curling iron and BAMF! Curling wand. You can also do this, this gives more of the taylor swift curls unlike the flat iron which is looser. I do like the look of this if I hold my hair on the iron for about 15-20 seconds because they`re looser I`m never one to like tight defined curls. And with this I curl it away from my face after splitting my hair in half sections. I don`t spray my hair with hair spray either because I like how it loosen up throughout the day and it becomes more natural looking.
<strong>3. Flat Iron/Curling Wand</strong>
Probably my most favorite style but quite time consuming takes me about 35 minutes to do my whole head cause I can do it fast otherwise with my whole head of hair it`d prob take a lot longer. This gives the almost messy type curls but in a good way. IT also makes it look like you have more hair if you don`t because you`re getting two different types of curls and texture here. Very voluminous this is why I LOVE this one. TO get the look I just section my hair off top and bottom this time, and then start curling with my curling wand and alternating between that and my flat iron and the direction I`m curling as well. After I`m done with my whole head I use the flat iron for my bangs where I pull the bangs up with it then curl it away from my face. Then I flip my head over and shake it out to loosen up the curls and have volume. You can also have hair spray here if your hair doesn`t hold curls.
(In the last picture I left it to 2nd day and added a cute hair band thing)
<strong>Hope you guys liked this, I know its really hard to explain how to do hair in words but if there`s one you want a tutorial on let me know in the comments</strong>

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