How the Removal Process of Sensationail Went - NOT GOOD

5 years ago

So, even after 2 weeks of glorious wear of the gel polish kit from Sensationail ($60 from CVS), I might not do it again because the removal process was BAD!

I ended up going with what was supposed to be the quickest method of removal because the bandaid/acetone method didn`t work for me.

So, I took 2 glass dishes and put hot water in one and then dumped the smaller dish with pure acentone in the larger hot water dish. This is supposed to warm the acetone to make it work faster. I soaked my fingers the full 20 minutes and it was a long boring 20 minutes filled with spills and awkward hand positions. The gel is supposed to lift and it wasn`t lifting! I had to use a buffer to buff a lot of the polish off and use the wooden stick they suggest to use. It destroyed my nails as you can see from the image (my nails were perfect before this!). It took about an hour to get it all off and I was being as careful as possible. That evening my fingertips ached, I think because of being exposed to the acetone chemical for so long.

I MIGHT try this again because it is possible I just used too thick of coats during the application. Maybe if I do very thin coats, it will come off easier?

Has anyone else had this much trouble removing gel polish?
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