How Secure is Your Webhosting Service?

4 years ago

If you are planning or already have an e-commerce website then you should know that a high level of security really is one of the most important aspects of your webhosting service. Online fraud and scams are as rife now as they have ever been so it is of paramount importance that you protect your clients and your business in every way possible. You will probably find that the security software offered with standard webhosting packages is actually not high enough to do what you need, so it is worth checking before you sign on the dotted line. Many webhosting companies pride themselves on the amount of uptime their customers enjoy and will happily display either 99% or 100% as a testimonial on their website. However, this is actually a big red flag to those of us that are looking for very secure webhosting services. The reason is quite simply that we know that for them to have the very best security software they will need to carry out regular updates which will mean downtime for our websites. If they are not promoting downtime then they are not updating or if they are they are not doing it on a regular basis, so this is one to definitely avoid. E-commerce websites are at the highest risk from potential hackers, who will look at ways of obtaining customer information and even company information that they can use for illegal purposes. This is not only frustrating for the company it can also permanently damage their reputation, which ends in them having to close as no customers are willing to put their trust in them. Every webhosting company should offer SFTP (or secure file transfer protocol) as standard and they should also be willing to offer a system whereby a client is forwarded to a locked and highly secure web page when entering financial details. It is also very highly recommended that e-commerce websites pay the extra to have their own dedicated server rather than share one with other websites as this can lower the level of security that is being provided by the webhosting company. There are plenty of companies out there that advertise the fact that they have extremely secure hosting packages and the best software available, but do they really? The point is that if you plan to have or already have an e-commerce website then you are at a higher risk and you therefore have to take much better precautions than the owners of other websites. This means doing your home work. Find out what the latest security software is and then only look at companies that offer it. If you are unsure how often they receive updates then you must ask the question. Time spent on research now will mean less risk and potential problems later. So whether you have existing webhosting or are looking for webhosting services, keep in mind that you want and in fact need a high level of security to ensure that your company delivers the best to their clients.

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