How NOT to make cake pops at home

I`m not going to lie - this was a bit of a failure for me lol it sounded simple enough but yeah, didn`t quite work out that way. let`s start with the basics, the funfetti cake pop kit

first things first, we make the cake mix. it`s your basic yellow cake, no bells and whistles, it is a small cake though, not like a full size one, so ok, you get your mix going, you put it in a cake pan, you bake it until it`s done.

once it has completely cooled off, you`re supposed to cumble it and add a little pouch of vanilla frosting that comes in the pouch, then you have to grab some, squeeze it together in your hands until it`s all mushed and roll it into little balls, this part was messy and if you don`t handle the cake balls A LOT before rolling them, they fall apart.

ok, now you`ve got your white chocolate chips which you have to melt and then dip the sticks to then stick them into the balls, throw in the fridge and cool off for like 45 mins.

there should be 2 final steps here but umm, I goofed. melt all the white chocolate chips, then dip the balls and roll around until they`re covered. 2/3 of my sticks came loose, the balls were not easy to coat, one totally fell apart on me. failure #2 is - you gotta cover one ball, then instantly roll it around the sprinkles or they won`t stick, yeah I figured that out a little too late so mine had no sprinkles at all. here`s the thing though, you gotta work super quick or have an assistant (lol) because if you don`t, the chocolate starts to get cold and harden and then it`s just going to take you longer

they weren`t bad, I mean they tasted good, like they should even minus the sprinkles but they`re nowhere near pretty like the gorgeous looking starbucks ones. I`m now thinking I need to get one of those little cake pop maker things simply because I totally enjoyed them LOL the moral of the story is - work fast, really handle that cake and enjoy !

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