How (NOT) to go Broke This Holiday Season

3 years ago

So we`ve all been there. Knuckles white and clutching desperately to our credit or debit card while also eyeing that item that we just have to have. This isn`t always a bad thing. Shopping releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals and when our new purchases are safety tucked into our arms, all is well in the world... at least until it isn`t. That`s because unless you`re smart with your shopping, you`ll feel the burn of debt in the following months. But this doesn`t have to happen and following these three tips can help you be super savvy with your spending.

Tip 1: Research Your Splurges. I can`t stress this enough. Learn about all of the good things and the bad things about whatever product you are thinking about purchasing. For makeup and perfume, look at the ingredient lists and make sure that there are no components that you are allergic to. For darker-skinned beauties (and everyone really) make sure that the products match your skin tone. If buying online, research the sellers of the products. Really take time to geek out over your potential purchases to avoid buyer`s remorse and wasted money.

Tip 2: Don`t procrasti-shop. This is a huge temptation for people at work or in school. Try not to shop as a way to avoid working. It both makes you broke and prevents you from performing well at school or at work so that you can earn MORE MONEY!

Tip 3: Avoid cash-wasting sales!!! Not all sales and markdowns are equal. Your mission should always be buying the products that are right for you, not just what you get a great deal on. This means passing on some `sales` so that you have more money to spend on items that you actually want. Also, some companies advertise `sales` during the holidays that are just minimal markdowns of their regular prices so you aren`t really getting the most glam for your green!

Following these tips will help you save money and still look fabulous during the Holidays.

Love, Evie

Additional Advice:

1. Do (or don`t) shop with friends. If you are one of those people who buy things that don`t fit you well and regret it later, then shopping with a fashion savvy friend. If you are someone who feel pressured to buy a lot of things when shopping with friends then ditch them and shop solo.

2. Shop with a credit card online. In the event of fraud, sometimes your bank can give you back this money. If you use a debit card, then chances are, that money is gone forever.

3. Give it the three day rule. If you see something you really HAVE to have, give it three days. If you still feel like you really want the item, then you can start geeking-out and researching the product.

4. Shop with whatever makes you spend less cash. This could mean shopping with actual cash, debit card or credit card. I`m usually more averse to using money that I have to pay back interest on so I like to shop online with a credit card. You might be different. Do what works for you!

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