How much water do you need?

4 years ago

After being generally physically inactive for two years, I`ve suddenly become interested in regaining my energy and vigor now that I have the time to invest in it. Since I have trouble getting myself motivated enough to exercise regularly I thought I would just begin by changing my diet. If you ever urinate and find a deep yellow color in the toilet and/or a strong scent, you are not getting enough water in your system. The closer to a clear yellow color your urine reaches, the better you are treating your body. A few years ago when I didn`t drink any sodas or sugary drink because I took part in sports, I noticed many physical changes. Not only did I feel lighter and more awake, my skin and face looked brighter and any acne would disappear overnight. I would feel more awake and energized, and it also seemed to regulate my digestive system. I would feel hungry less often, but my body would let me know when I truly did need to eat. Many times people think they are hungry when they are actually just thirsty.
But enough about the benefits of water, I`m here to tell you guys from my research what I have discovered from medical resources as well as my own trial and error. Most people go by the "8 glasses of 8 ounces of water each" theory. However, weighing only 120lbs, I find that to be too much water for me to possibly consume. Regardless of how much adipose tissue a person`s body holds, they need an ounce of water for every two pounds they weigh. So for me, that would be 60oz. of water per day. 60 ounces compared to 88 ounces is a lot more realistic for a person that doesn`t sweat too much and doesn`t exercise much either. Whenever I`ve gone to the bathroom after consuming this amount of water, the toilet water is definitely much lighter though it is still not completely transparent. I want to make it clear that this is not all pure water that I have consumed. Some of it came through milk with my cereal in the morning, I`ve also gotten myself into the habit of drinking tea after my meals. At night time I try to think of how much water I`ve consumed throughout my day and only when I`m missing any do I go and reach for a glass of pure water, because I like to have flavored drinks.
You also have to take into account how much water is in each glass that you drink. I have a fridge that measures the individual ounces it pours so I wasted some water in my process of learning how to measure the amounts. I tried to see to what level in my cereal bowl the milk would reach, and then filled it up to that level with water from my fridge and it came out to a surprising 10 oz. when I had first guessed it would only be 5 oz. If you guys don`t have this luxury at home, try to use a measuring cup that you would use for cooking. Start off just measuring the liquids that you consume at home, so that you get good at guessing accurately when you eat at a restaurant.
Lastly, if you are physically active or sweat a lot because it`s summertime it is wise to add another 8 oz. of water per hour heavy sweating that you do.
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