How Much is Your Wardrobe Worth?

3 years ago

Lately, I`ve been trying to revamp my closet since my style has changed; and this time I really wanted to splurge on my new purchases going with the `Quality over quantity` motto. I really wish I didn`t waste my money on random clothing I don`t even like, just because it was on sale. I never even wore them! That was a real waste of money so I decided to sell them on eBay, and now I`m going to buy quality pieces that aren`t trendy and will last me for years to come. You can actually make a lot from selling items on eBay, and from it I`m hoping to make at least $500. Anyways..after looking up online on how much I should be spending on my clothes; I asked myself, how much did I already spend on all the clothes in my closet?
I then kept an inventory through Microsoft Word on all the clothes and accessories I have, and how much I spent on them. I can remember what I spent on most of them, but the ones that I didn`t I made an estimation.
Anyways from the inventory I found I`ve spent about $5,200 on my wardrobe!! That is ridiculous considering I really don`t wear any of it.. I dare you to calculate your spending`s you`d be surprised! From now on I`ll be especially careful not to go out and buy everything I think is cute. A tip I have for not spending a lot on clothes is to figure out what clothing piece or accessory you need and then searching up your options online and pick one you love the most. A good website for this is because they have all different online stores put onto one website. Once you know that one item you love from online; go to the mall and look around for the same thing to find something better so that you know that you are getting the item that is the best for you and you are making your moneys worth.

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