How much does it cost to look like Kate Middleton

4 years ago

It`s hardly a big surprise that looking like a royalty 24/7 will set you back a bob or two. Now Australian Vogue has calculated the real cost of being Kate Middleton - £102,379.
Earlier this year it was revealed that despite the Duchess of Cambridge`s penchant for high street bargains, a whopping £35k had been spent on her wardrobe in a 12-month period, but that doesn`t include all the costs involved in achieving her preened and polished Princess look. In fact the figure that the publication has come up with is over £100k per year, which includes everything from her clothing for personal appearances to facials, make up and personal trainers. They`ve done the maths in Australian dollars so we`ve converted to pounds.
Kate`s glossy do is maintained by Richard Ward off London`s swanky Sloane Square and her treatments include thrice weekly blow-dries plus Keratin Infusion extra moisture coming in at £8645 a year. No wonder she`s got the most covetable hair since Rache Green from Friends. Meanwhile those rich chocolaty tones come courtesy of LOreal Symbio and Fuente Organic colour treatments every six weeks at just under £2k every year. Not a bottle job then!
The magazine have calculated that the maintenance of Kate`s glow would set you back £7,984 in spray tans each year; you just can`t put a price on healthy looking skin though can you? And finally the wedding fragrance that the Duchess of Cambridge chose to wear, Illuminum`s White Gardenia Petals, costs just under £210 for two bottles. Unless she really splashes it on there`s no way she`s getting through more than that in 12 months.

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