How many WPM can you READ?

<em>On our resumes we usually include how many words per minute we can type but what about how many words per minute can we can read?</em> Every job has some sort of requirement to read some sort of information whether it`s rules, instructions, assignments, e-mails right? Plus now a days technology is key so I am sure many employees use a computer. To use a computer you have to use your eyes = read! I have to admit I am a super slow reader when it comes to reading and having to remember the information. I rather read slow, take it easy then to re-read it later in the end.

<strong>Find out how fast you can read:</strong>

<em>Tip, don`t rush the reading because you`ll be asked questions to ensure you read the entire page!</em>

My Results:
296 words in 1 minute and 5 seconds
I also answered all 3 questions correctly

Take the test and share your results, it`d be fun. It`ll take you less than a few minutes!

What is the point of the WPM can you read? It`s actually an ad that eREADER came up with. Pretty smart, with this information you could also calculate how many hours/days it`ll take you to finish a book you like too. =)

<strong>Do you think how many WPM you can read should be added as a skill for your resume?</strong> I don`t think it`s a bad idea especially if the job requires someone to be a quick learner, reader and efficient. I am sure if the job is about research and you`re someone who can read twice as quicker and comprehend the information as the person next to you, you`d be hired because the company would be saving money.

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