How many nail polishes do you own?

5 years ago

I have never been into nail polishes that much but then, I discovere youtube. In my school girls didn`t really have their nails painted too often.. at least not until 9th grade. In that time I was into the whole ``emo`` look soo I always had black nails. I`m very pale soo I was sure that black suits me the most, or at least doesn`t make me look like a 10 year old ghost. But once I got to high school I started to watch youtube a lot, and I saw how many nail polishes some girls have. Then I realised that black nails were sort of ``creepy`` and I got more into colors. I still didn`t like really bright colors on me, but I do like naturall ``skin toned`` colors, pasteles and soo on. So in like a year my collection grew to about 70 nail polishes.

I think that buying a lot of nail polishes isn`t as much as a waste as buying makeup is, because with nail polishes you actually use almoas all of the colors you have (some may e to ``extravagant`` for every day use) and with eyeshadows or lipsticks you don`t really get what you`re paying fore, or you`re basecly throwing your money away because you`re probably not gonna use red, dark res or a very bright pink on an every day basis...

Basecly I love nail polishes, and I can`t get enough of them.. How big is your collection?

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