How Many Devices Do We Need?

The other day I went through an article that encouraged us to think: after all, how many and what types of equipment do we need to carry with us on a daily basis?

A question and relevant and that you will also surely have crossed his mind. Often a question will be faced to each and every day when trying to decide whether to take the laptop, or whether they can desenrascar with a tablet ... suffice or if your smartphone.

It is that today we have a huge variety of options to choose from:
smartphones (with screens 3-5 ")
mini tablets (7 ")
tablets (10 ")
compact and portable (11-13 ")
laptops (14-15 + ")

And when the variety is great ... are also many indecisions. If alteranativa other times there would not be charging us a phone and a laptop, now the options are far more numerous.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) there is no secret magic formula that provides the answer "ideal". This is something that not only depend on each person ... as has also the further problem that the optimal set of choices for one day or task, can no longer be the next day or for another purpose.

So far, I have had many difficulties ... me because I have remained faithful to the smartphone, which I carry with me for every side, without having to worry about "extra baggage".
However, there is a perfect solution. The moment you are reading this, I had to "worry" about getting an ideal solution to be able to continue "blogging" even during the holidays ... and for this I had no choice but to use a laptop.

But ... change to the times, move the tools ... perhaps a year from now, everything I need to do can now be done with a tablet ... and certainly that would be far more enjoyable to have a tablet that carried more easily to the entire side of a "portable" ... (Perhaps a Microsoft Surface will be the ideal combination.)

Anyway, as I can give a happy face to the old days, when almost every day followed a protocol already well studied to leave the house taking with me: the phone, a pocket PC, a Bluetooth GPS module, and a digital camera . (And do not forget the headaches to try to ensure that they were all conveniently loaded and ready to run) ... :)

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