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4 years ago

-(images are my own)-
Hey! Tonight I want to show you how I wake up and stay up on difference sleep routines! Hopefully you enjoy!!
"Normal nights": I have to get up early, so I go to bed at about 11 pm- 12 am. Then as soon as I wake up at 5-6 am (I know, I should get more sleep but I have a insomnia and a bad case of I Don`t care enough), I get out of bed IMMEDIATELY. I`d say set multiple alarms at different places in your room to guarantee that you have to actually get up. At this point I go up to the main level of my house and wash my face using my Equate Naturally beaming Cleanser which TOTALLY wakes me up! Then I head over to my freezer where I stick a spoon in my icebox and while waiting for three minutes, take my meds for ADHD and acid reflux. Once 2-3 minutes passes I pop the spoon out and press it gently against each eyelid to wake them up, get rid of redness, puffy eyes, dark circles and bags!
"Odd nights": okay, so my sleep routine is SO screwed up. Most of the time I stay up all night and once 1pm hits, I sleep until 6pm. It just works! (I`m nocturnal and insomniatic)
Well that`s it for tonight`s beauty how to! Thoughts? Leave below!

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