How I Use Coconut Oil !

4 years ago

If there is one beauty product I cannot live without (other than mascara, concealer of course), it`s Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil has hit the beauty world by storm. Everyone seems to be obsessed with this stuff so naturally I had to try it.

I had heard a lot about the benefits of Organic Coconut Oil for your hair from the Youtube beauty community but the more I did research on this product the more I was intrigued to purchase it. So a few months ago, while doing my usual grocery shopping at my favorite Grocery Store ever, Trader Joes, I decided to pick up a bottle.

At $5 and some change, how can anything this affordable be so effective? As skeptical as I was I decided I had nothing to lose. As soon as I got home that day I soaked my hair in this stuff. Now mind you, this stuff is solid at temperatures under 72 degrees so I didn`t actually "soak" my hair per say, but I did melt some in my hands and ran it through my hair concentrating on my ends and scalp...especially my scalp (boy oh boy has the Winter weather been harsh on my poor head). I loved what it did to my hair that I decided to do a little research on what else I could use it for beauty wise.

1. Scalp Treatment:
Due to hereditary genetics, I have a pretty dry scalp. It is also due to my Hypothyroid among other things. So for the majority of my life I have suffered from light to moderate dandruff. I know that may sound disgusting, but this is a very common condition. I read somewhere that coconut oil is amazing for your scalp so I decided to rub some all of over my scalp and leave it on over night. I was amazed by how great this stuff works! Definitely more effective than head n shoulders for sure.

2. Eye Cream-
I have a huge fear of wrinkles, so whenever I see small fine lines start to form I freak out! lol. Eye creams can get pretty expensive and a lot of them are full of bad chemicals. Therefore, I use coconut oil instead. I take very little of it (because a little goes a very long way) and dab some around my eye area. I started doing this ever since I noticed my eye area getting extremely dry due to the cold weather and I have noticed a huge difference. Coconut oil has a lot of anti aging properties too.

3. Face and body moisturizer-
Regular moisturizers contain a lot of water which makes your skin feel soft but then dry again after a short period of time. A lot of them contain tons of parabens too...yuck. Coconut oil is a great substitute. Not only is a great moisturizer, it smells good, it`s natural and did I mention it has anti aging properties? Oh and it doesn`t clog your pores (great for acne prone skin).

4. Lip Balm-
I pretty much stopped using all my EOS and Nivea lip balms as soon as I discovered this stuff. It keeps my lips hydrated for many hours. I like to apply some before bed but I can see it working great under lipstick too...especially those matte drying ones.

5. Hair mask-
I think one of the main uses this product is used for is as a hair mask. I like to pretty much cover my entire hair (concentrating on the ends) with this stuff and leave it on four a few hours or overnight. It may take a while to wash off but you will notice your hair will have so much shine it will be totally worth it. It leaves your hair super soft and manageable. I wish I had more time to do these hair masks more often.

6. Makeup Remover-
Oh my goodness this stuff is amazing! I don`t know why I have spent all this money on useless makeup removers. This stuff works better than anything I have ever tried. Just apply some on a cotton pad and slightly melt it with the warmth of your fingers and viola. Removes all eye makeup (including waterproof) and leaves your eyes moisturized afterwords.

7. Shaving "cream"-
I apply this all of my legs and use it as a shaving cream. It works great and does not irritate your skin! A lot of times shaving creams contain a lot of chemicals that can cause skin irritations so this is definitely a must for sensitive skin.

There are many other ways you can use coconut oil as part of your beauty regimen but these are the ways I love to use it.

How do you use Coconut Oil?

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