How I Touch Up My Red Hair!

5 years ago

My hair is naturally a light/medium brown colour, but I really like the way it looks when it`s red! So I dye it, lol.

The thing is, though, that I prefer my hair to be a BRIGHT red - I don`t like it to be an orange-y or brownish red, such as an auburn shade. A lot of permanent dyes aren`t super-bright, though. You can, however, get really bright semi-permanent dyes! So what I do is find the brightest, reddest permanent hair dye I can find. Often times it`s a dye by Clairol or Garnier, though I believe I have used L`Oreal Feria. When I am able to, though I use a brand called Schwarzkopf Live XXL that`s not available in North America - I buy it off eBay. (It`s been months since I`ve used a permanent box dye, so I can`t remember the one I used, last, sorry!). I then wait a few days, at the very least, and apply a semi-permanent, super-bright red hair dye! I use Jerome Russel Punky Colour, but you can also use Manic Panic, for example. This time, I used Jerome Russell Punky Colour in Poppy Red.

The first hair photo is my before photo - my roots were kinda showing and it looked kinda orange-y near the top. The second hair photo is my after hair photo! It`s a lot brighter and redder now. :) The semi-permanent dye DOES end up transferring to your scalp, and there`s nothing you can do about that that I know of. It goes away after two or three washes, in any case. You can prevent the dye from transferring to the skin around your hairline and ears by applying Vaseline or another thick moisturizer. That part is really important, lol!

I find that the brightness of the semi-permanent dye fades after a few weeks, but I just touch it up in that case. I only re-dye my hair using a permanent dye once every 3 or 4 months.

<strong>Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what`s your colour of choice?</strong>

***Photos are my own; please do not take.

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