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Hey guys

I recently organized my closet and I really like the way it came out so I just wanted to share this with guys because before I organized it I was like this is such a small closet for the things I have so yeah...

On top part of my closet I have all my scarfs, caps and etc... its behind the cloths you can see. My PJ`s are there as well and also my bedding or just you know bed sheets, pillow covers and all those stuff which I don`t really use unless like once or twice a month.

The PJ`s I change constantly but I only keep one at a time so its actually easier for me to have it back behind there! Then at that top shelf I keep all of my leggings and jeggings at the left side and in the middle I keep two of my cardigans that didn`t fit in my closet and then finally I keep my summer clothes there at the right. Those are tubedress, romper, pencil skirt and etc...

I don`t really use those that often since its pretty cold these days in Iceland even though its summer!

On the hanging rack thing I have all of my jeans and coats, jackets and all that and then I have my shirts hoodies and also my dressy thigns like dressy dresses and all those party things. I also have at the left side of the rack shirts that don`t look nice when you fold them and also shirts that you can`t really fold. I also have my one blazer there!

Then where the little drawers are on the top of them there I have all of my long sleeve tees that I can fold, then I have t-shirts and also tank tops and in between where you can`t really see I have all of my belts! I have two kind of mountains of folded shirts and all that. They are all organized by shape and color which your probably not able to see.

Then finally at the right side I have all of my heels and shoes, boots and those kind of things that I can`t really wear right now or are occational shoes! You can see there are three bags there one is my old school bag which I do use when I have a lot of books to carry so when it gets heavy its easier to use backpack instead of a handbag style one! Then I have my old clothes that I can give to the red cross or to people I know that it fits.

That looks messy but I did oranize the shoe side as well so when you take of the bags then it looks nice! On the drawers I have my socks and under carments, swim suits and etc...

So that`s how my closet looks and I will be moving out after two weeks so I might do a new closet organization thing but really if you organize all of your clothes first pick the ones that you use and then pick the ones that you don`t like or you don`t ever use. Kind of seperate them and then get rid of the things you don`t use and that should give you plenty of space in your closet. My closet is very small because we are currently renting this house because we were waiting to get a new one so in order to do that there were people who were willing to buy our old house so that`s the reason and there are some personal things as well why we were renting the house but that was becuase of me so that should be enough of info!!!

Anyway I hope you guys got inspired or that I helped you to organize yours!

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