How I Organize Accessories amp Jewelry Items: The Former amp The Present

My Former Organization Method

The story of my bulletin board: I used to try to hang all my jewelry on the bulletin board shown below with regular push pins as you can see below. The bulletin board is by a brand called The Board Dudes from Target. I believe it was only a few dollars when I bought it many years ago. I had originally purchased it when I started going to university. Just to tack on random reminders, assignments, pictures, et cetera. When I brought it back home after graduation, I started hanging necklaces on it.

It sufficed...for a while. First of all, I didn`t expect much out of this thing, because it was very cheap. Secondly, it`s quite thin. You can`t stick a push pin all the way through, because it will poke out of the back. While that may not bother some people, you should still be careful with thin bulletin boards, because if you forget about the pins and try to move it somewhere, you may inadvertently scratch yourself.

Now I definitely had no intention of hanging this up, for fear that it would fall down and bring everything crashing down with it. I usually always had it leaning against a wall on top of a dresser of some sort.

I`ve never been too into accessories. I think of accessorizing as an extra step that requires more effort than I typically have patience for.

I`ve always been more into simple, versatile, and classic clothing pieces that can be worn for many occasions, because I had so few of these items when I was growing up. But once I entered the work force, my purchasing power was greater than what it was before. Cute things would catch my eye and before I knew it, I had amassed a bit of a collection without ever intending to collect anything. Needless to say, I outgrew my bulletin board.

I know this is a lot of stuff. It`s more than I had ever expected myself to own. I certainly never expected my 17" by 23" (approx. measurements) bulletin board to be full. Before you judge me, a lot of the items shown are gifts. Also, this is accumulated from many years. Most of the gifts are from family members and carry sentimental value, so I`m reluctant to get rid of them, but I`m more than happy to gift them to other family members, like cousins, nieces, et cetera. Actually, I have given away some of superfluous items to random people.

Story of my jewelry box: This is the first and only jewelry box I have ever owned. Except for a couple of neon, girly, plastic boxes gifted by friends when I was in elementary school. I had a lot of fun with those. I got rid of them throughout the moves in my life, but I always feel a little bummed when I lose things that spur memories in me. If that makes me crazy, then I guess I`m crazy.

My parents bought me this jewelry box for my birthday when I was in the 8th grade, either that or it was for middle school graduation. I don`t remember. I remember thinking this thing is very pretty, but so useless, because I had next to no jewelry, lol. Well, things change.

This jewelry box is made by a brand called Mele, which I think you can find in most department stores or `big box` stores like Walmart, Target, Costco, et cetera. (I`ve been boycotting Walmart ever since I was on the receiving end of a very unfavorable shipping/pick-up situation. An absolute nightmare...)

It`s wooden with a glass top in the shape of a big heart. So I took a photo of one of my mom`s plants and stuck it in the picture slot. Open it up and voila...

There is a really big mirror that is also a picture frame/slot. I just put all my rings and bracelets in here. These bracelets and the watch were all given to me when I was probably just a few years old (?) by my grandma who passed away about a decade ago. The smaller rings were from my aunt when I was a pre-teen (?). The larger rings are random things I got from XXI when I was on a cocktail ring high.

Don`t mind the ear plugs, lol. They are clean though. For some reason, I also have a small compass that had fallen off of a souvenir key chain.

The velvet interior will get dusty, even if you keep it closed, because dust is in the air and this box is not airtight. You can use tape to remove the dust, but I like to dampen a toothbrush (one that you do not use for brushing teeth!) to clean the inside. The dust particles really cling to the toothbrush leaving behind a brighter red finish. Some of the red dye will transfer to the toothbrush, but it`s better to have a lighter red interior than a dusty grey-red one.

Shoe box of stuff:
At one point, I started collecting big bracelets and bangles. I really liked how they looked. They`re kind of impractical, because they`re difficult to store. I just ended up putting a bunch of them in a shoe box. Also, they`re really irritating to wear when you`re typing. I have a desk job, so even if I feel like wearing a bracelet, it won`t be long before I end up taking it off.

Stuff I leave in the boxes they came in:
For a while, Amrita Singh was all the rage. I didn`t see what the big deal was, until I saw this necklace and I kept wanting it. The Amrita Singh Nello necklace - Amethyst was a gift from my boyfriend for my last birthday. I leave it in its box. It`s sort of on display, because I think it looks gorgeous. Also, it`s my largest necklace and I think it would just get kind of tangled up with my other necklaces. So in its box it stays.

I suggest purchasing all Amrita Singh items from flash sale websites, like Hautelook, Enviius, etc.

I believe they usually have a 50% off holiday sale on their website.
In fact, they are having a sale right now:

AMRITA SINGH Mother`s Day Sale:
50% off w/ Promo Code: MOM2012
Click here:
Rebates: --> 5% --> 4%

Usually discounts from flash sales are much better than 50%, but if you`re in need of some Amrita Singh jewelry and do not have time to wait for a flash sale to appear, 50% off is still a lot to save.

Jewelmint has been popular for a while now. I`ve purchased a few Jewelmint items as you can see above. I used to keep them in their boxes, because I really liked the packaging, but then I found them bulky and annoying, so I store the boxes in a bookcase to use when I want to gift a small present and put it in a nice box.

I find a lot of their pieces very adorable and I was unable to resist, thus why I had purchased them. However, most of the time I do not think they are worth $29.99. Most of the accessories/jewelry items I`m willing to purchase for myself are very inexpensive and pretty much most of them I acquired from Forever21.

I only ever buy Jewelmint things when there is a promo code I can apply to an item that I had been eyeing for a while. Otherwise, I just don`t think it`s worth it.
My biggest money saves from Jewelmint are when I purchase a pair of earrings with a promo code and turn them into two necklaces! (I don`t have pierced ears and I don`t ever plan to put holes in my ears.)

Jewelmint has promo codes quite often. You just have to search. Sadly, the best codes are for first-time buyers.

My Current Organization Method:
I was tired of clutter. First I asked myself what do I want to result out of reorganization? What would make me satisfied once I declare it `finished?`

Well personally, I wanted it all to be pretty much consolidated and enclosed. I know a lot of people like their jewelry out in the open, because if they can see it, they`re more likely to use it/wear it.
However, I want it all kept in one place and concealed, so it doesn`t look like some accessory warehouse.

I had liked my bulletin board method, but I realized that to make it actually look neat, organized, and have all the pieces be visible, I would need multiple bulletin boards hung up around the walls, and I was not up for putting a bunch of holes into my walls. Also, I think that putting your jewelry away is better than letting them be exposed to light all the time, because it can make them change color. Speaking of tarnishing, I do need to purchase some jewelry cleaner/polisher.

Anyways, I decided to purchase this hanging jewelry armoire from Amazon. It goes for $116 with free shipping and that is about as low of a price as I was able to find for something like this. It`s also available on,
(But like I said I have been and still am boycotting Walmart. Long story short, I had ordered furniture from them in the past and instead they shipped me the wrong items, and tried to charge me for said wrong items, and when the correct exchange finally took place, they still tried to make me pay for it by saying they didn`t receive the items I had `returned.` When everything was sorted out, they did apologize and tried to offer me a $100 voucher for a FUTURE purchase. Seriously? After all the headache I had gone through, did they really think I would ever want to make another order from them ever again? However, assuming that they would actually get my future order right, I could have gotten this jewelry armoire for next to nothing. But no need to get into that should`ve, could`ve, would`ve headache. Hrm, I guess I wasn`t able to turn that into a short story.)

If you`d like to purchase something like this, just do a search for `hanging jewelry armoire,` or `Mirrortek jewelry armoire.` Then, sort price from lowest to highest. I`m pretty sure that they are all the same and probably all made by Mirrortek.

In fact, I think it is available for purchase on right now.

Now through Sunday, 4/29/12 - 8 AM PT

I am referring to the `Over the Door Jewelry Armoire - Black` for $116.95.
The whole reason why I`m writing this super long-winded post, constantly being sidetracked with stories from the past is because of this flash sale going on right now.

They all look pretty amazing, but I think the Over the Door Jewelry Armoire is the most versatile and easiest to use, because of its large mirrored door and small mirror on the inside and the fact that it`s meant to be hung up, so it takes up less space than the ones with swivel bases.

Behold...the mother lode (sp?) lol... I`m sure many of you have seen this hanging jewelry armoire before. The first time I came across this on the internet, I saw the price and passed it up. It is over $100.
After I begin doing some research and comparing it against other jewelry armoires of this size, I realized it`s actually not too bad. Other chests with drawers are all well over $200, $300, and so on. A decent jewelry box costs about $50 for goodness sakes.
Measurements: 14" W x 48" L x 4" D
Magnetic Closures - it`s pretty secure

I won`t bore you with details. Obviously, it stores a lot of crap. For more info, click here.
Besides necklaces, bracelets, rings, I also have a bunch of hair accessories, hair brush, comb, sunglasses, eyeglass case, et cetera.

(FYI: All my sunglasses are cheap, because I`m always worried I`ll break or lose them, because I just throw them in my bag when I`m on the go. I also just tend to lose things. It`s a terrible bad habit.)

I still use my jewelry box to store other small items, as you can see below. They no longer hold actual pieces.

It is now storage for items that I want to create into new necklaces, sort of a box for projects, if you will. I plan to get going on this as soon as I purchase a new set of pliers.

My newest member...Juicy Couture Gold Starter Necklace
My boyfriend surprised me with this last night. I was so shocked and so happy to see it. This necklace has been calling to me for so long. Why did I want this necklace so badly?
Chains: I`ve always loved anything with chain details. Its uniformity in design and continuity is genius.
Toggle Clasp: the best closure for any type of jewelry. I think it`s the easiest way to put on your jewelry and be sure that it`ll stay on, because nobody wants to have to worry about things falling off or becoming unhinged. Also, the toggle is in the front of the necklace as opposed to the back, where it traditionally is, so I think that makes for even easier wearing. (I think maybe the only closure better than toggle is a magnetic clasp, but that`s only functional if the magnet is a strong one. Also, magnets are fun to play with.)
J: The J here stands for Joy, not for Juicy Couture. Lol, the necklace is mine now, I can declare what I want about it. =]
Now, I`m not a fan of logos and I don`t usually care for brands in general. So I`ll probably wear this with the `Juicy Couture` insignia facing me, and the plain heart facing outwards.

I`ve always said that I was going to purchase it for myself one day for a special occasion. But I always put it off and tell myself `next time,` because...well of course, I don`t need it. Nobody NEEDS a necklace. & I don`t feel comfortable spending that amount of money on one item for myself.

Things I keep in boxes: Amrita Singh & Juicy Couture necklaces
I really do like Juicy Couture`s packaging. The design of the box is perfect. The box top is attached to the entire box, which is great for idiots like me who lose things. The satin lining that the necklace rests on is very nice. I just don`t like that it`s pink. I don`t like anything pink and I never will. I think, graphically, the design of the box appears kind of juvenile at first glance. Then you open it up and it`s actually made very well. You can flip the box top back and the box stands on its own. I love things that have good structure and stand up on their own.

Thank you for stopping by. If you actually read any of what I wrote, I really appreciate that. Take care and happy accessorizing!

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