How I lost 14 pounds in 2 months

5 years ago

at the beginning of 2012, i made the same resolution that i`m pretty sure countless other people made as well: to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle. at some point at the end of 2010, i really went off the deep end in terms of my weight. i wasn`t physically active whatsoever - it would make me so mad whenever my mom wanted me to go on a jog or even a walk! and i never listened to her when she told me that my weight was ballooning out of control. instead, i just dismissed her criticisms because i wasn`t being honest with myself.

part of the reason why i gained so much weight was stress and emotional instability. i was really stressed about school and college applications, and my (now ex) boyfriend and i were just not having a stable relationship. food was my comfort.

towards the end of my senior year of high school (may 2011), i suddenly came to the realization that i couldn`t keep eating such enormous amounts of food without exercising. i had hit 142 pounds and i`m only 5 feet tall! this is the first time i`ve revealed this weight because i`ve always felt so self conscious about it. looking back, i totally should have felt even more self conscious about it! i was such a fatty and i can`t even justify my lifestyle because it was just absolutely wrong -_-

anywho, back on topic...

in may of last year, i started jogging. i took it one step at a time. at first, i was so embarrassed because i could barely run a lap around my school field, and that`s only 400 meters. i started slowly and i didn`t push myself at first. i slowly worked up a rhythm and i would go jogging everyday at dusk. slowly, i ran for longer and longer distances. next thing i knew, i was running a mile and a half everyday without a problem! once in a while, i would even push myself to go for a 3.5-4 mile run around my neighborhood, and the first time i completed that run, i can`t even tell you how triumphant i felt!

as for my diet, i started eating until i was full but not stuffed. that`s something i really struggled with in the past because i really liked the feeling of being in a food coma. even though i felt totally drained and lethargic after eating so much food, it just felt good. instead of eating to that extent though, i started eating only until i was full and then i would stop. throughout my meal, i would have full glasses of water that would help take up my appetite.

when i came to college, with all the bad food that`s available in the dining halls and all the stress, i kinda took a few steps back. the food at college is BAD - it`s so hard to keep track of calories because my dining halls are buffets and even though the food usually isn`t that good, it adds up after a while. you`re surrounded by every kind of fried food imaginable and somehow the school thinks it`s doing a good job of serving you good food because it`s fried in trans fat free oil that`s made from peanuts instead of canola oil or whatever -_-

with school, it`s really hard to get to the gym regularly but i did find a kickboxing class that i really enjoyed and i tried to go to the gym regularly, but with the food, it was all just cancelling out at best.

so that gets me back to about the same weight i was at during my senior year of high school. 142 pounds. not pretty, believe me! the freshman 15 is very real - i`ve seen it and experienced it (partially) with my own eyes.

in january, i decided enough was enough. while i don`t have a family of diabetes or heart disease in my family, i don`t want to be the first person to develop either of those conditions as a result of my poor physical health. i needed to take better care of myself, and that`s precisely what i did!

i downloaded an app on my ipad called myfitnesspal, which records everything you eat on a daily basis as well as exercise. i`ve counted my calories almost everyday since and yes, it`s worked very well for me. i now know how to budget my daily food intake appropriately instead of eating a bunch of junk that won`t do anything for me.

as for exercise, i`ve made an active part to go to the gym almost every day. i give myself days off when i`m feeling exceptionally sore (especially after my kickboxing classes - my instructor is AMAZING and i get such a great workout, but they hurt!), but otherwise i`ve stuck with going to the gym. 30 minutes on the elliptical everyday at a medium-ish level.

since january, i`ve lost 14 pounds and i am now down to 128 pounds. i can`t tell a significant difference because most of the clothes i have are baggy anyways (that`s just my style), but i feel so much happier with myself now that i know i`m physically active and i have a lot more energy.

i`m not done though! my goal is to lose 30 pounds this year, which i know is quite lofty, but it`s something ideal that i`m working towards, not something i`ll beat myself up over if i don`t achieve it :)

if you`re trying to lose weight, hold on! you can do it! i know there are days where we cheat and we have a donut or some pasta or cheese fries, but don`t let one slip ruin your goals for yourself! i`ve had several and i actually make it a point to treat myself every once in a while; i believe in everything in moderation is okay :)

at the end of the day, the only reason i decided to lose weight to begin with was to get healthy, not to go down a bunch of sizes, and i`m really happy with my results!

please feel free to share your weight loss stories with me as well. they`re so inspiring!

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