How I Grow My Hair Out!

5 years ago

Hey All, I am in the process of growing my hair out. This is just how I do it, I am not a professional or anything like that, this is just what works for me and my hair, so I thought I would share it with you all!

1. Wash your hair every other day! This really will help with keeping your natural oils intact, and keep moisture. If you wash your hair everyday, it is causing your hair to dry, and you have a better chance at breakage.

2. Apply Conditioner only to the ends, then work your way up to the roots. Your ends are the most dry and brittle, so condition them!

3. When your hair is still wet, gently COMB out any knots or tangles. Don`t wait for your hair to dry, it will be more damaging and painful

4. When my hair gets to be about 90& dry, I apply Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioning Cream! to ONLY my ends, the work my way up with any extra. Too much with cause your hair to feel and look greasy!

5. lay off the curling/straightening/dying etc. its KILLING your hair. I curl/straighten my hair only a few times a month. Work your natural hair girl!:)

6. When you do use heat on your hair ALWAYS use a heat protectant, I am currently using DOVE, but I also love TRESemme! For it to be evenly applied, spray it on a brush, then brush it through your hair.

7. DRINK ALOT OF WATER, I think that this is the most important part, if you are wanting to grow your hair out long.! it is recommend to drink 8 glasses a day! whew!

8. I know some people say to get your hair trimmed every few months, But I personally don`t think you HAVE to. I haven`t had my hair cut/trimmed since July! and I am determined to not, til I get my desired length of hair! If you come up with a routine of products and things to do, then you shouldn`t have to o to the salon and get your dead ends cut off.

please note, that this is not what I only do, i change it up sometimes, with new products/things I do. This is just the basics that I do. feel free to change it up for your hair!


Happy Growing YOUR HAIR OUT!

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