How I got my abs

4 years ago

Abs are not hard to train. We all have them in us, it`s just whether or not they are "hidden".

My abs came when I started Insanity. After the first month, I had what was considered "dancer abs". After the second month, I had a 4-pack.

However, after I stopped doing Insanity, they disappeared after 2 weeks.

And I didn`t want to go back to Insanity, so I started doing other exercises and my abs are back.

I basically do a mixture of cardio, which are my gym classes and running 5 km, yoga and resistance training using only my body, an 8 lb medicine ball and a balance ball. Plank work and pushups are a lot more effective than crunches.

To be honest, I can`t even do 20 crunches without straining my neck badly. But I can do 50 male pushups.

A diet is also key for abs. My diet is fairly clean and simple. I don`t use protein shakes and I rarely eat meat. I actually had severe stomach cramps from eating too much meat when I first started training and the doctor told me my body wasn`t suited for digesting so much meat. But I do eat eggs. I eat 2 eggs for breakfast a day and my protein comes from fish and edamame beans. I also eat a chocolate bar a day. So it`s not a very restrictive diet.

Did you guys find this helpful?

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