How I Get My Vivid Red Hair! :) Tips amp Pics!

5 years ago

Hello Loves! On my recent haul at Sally`s, I showed a box of L`Oreal Highlights in Magenta. I had a lot of requests to show my results. I`ve been doing red hair for quite awhile. I did stop about a year before my wedding and I decided to go blonde for me wedding (I really should have just kept it red) Keep in mind, I DO NOT use these as highlights, I use this ALL OVER. I know it might sound a bit strange, but this was the exact color I was wanting and it works perfectly for me! I will list the products I use and how I do it. I will also include pictures. Some pictures show my hair with volume 20 developer and others are with a volume 10. I bounce back and forth, depends on how BRIGHT I want it :)

What I Use:

-Mixing Bowl
-ION Sensitive Scalp Developer 10 or 20: I use 10 to just to freshen up the color and ADD the color, this dosen`t lighten it up. I use 20 when I want it to really pack a punch, this makes it very bright and vibrant!
-Sally Long Tail Bleach/Tint Brush: I like this brush because it has a long end that helps to separate my hair and the brush is nice and small to really get my sides and fine pieces of hair
-L`Oreal Excellence HiColor Highlights in Magenta
-ION Quick Repair Hair Treatment

What I Do:

1. I like to do my hair a day or two after I wash, I find that the color clings a lot better
2. I also lightly mist my hair with water
3. I mix a whole tube of the L`Oreal Highlights color with about 2 oz of developer. For me, I can kind of eye ball it, I don`t even measure it anymore haha.
4. I mix it VERY WELL, I make sure that there are no clumps or anything because the L`Oreal color tends to clump up a little while mixing
5. I concentrate on my roots, sides and ends first...very CAREFULLY! Red is really risky to work with because it stains so easily and quickly. I suggest putting down old towels on the floor, counter etc. Because once it gets on the floor, counters etc...good luck getting it out! These are the spots that tend to fade the quickest for me.
6. After concentrating on my roots, sides and ends, I put the rest all over.
7. I leave on for about 20 mins
8. Rinse *Please note that with reds, they will leave red on your shower, this can be easily cleaned with bleach*
9. I always follow rinsing with a hair treatment, even though I only use a volume 10 or 20, it`s still developer and I want to maintain the health of my hair.

*all pictures are my own, obviously haha, please do not steal*

I hope this was helpful for some of you! If you have darker hair and you don`t want to bleach your hair in order to get a nice bright red, I highly suggest this haircolor! It`s actually for darker hair! I suggest the shade Magenta if you want a really vivid red with some pink undertones. There is also Red Hot which is a vibrant red, but it`s a little on the darker side and tends to have more orange undertones. The haircolor is really affordable, under $6. I do my hair with everything for under $8! And I love how it turns out, better than any color I have gotten at the salon...and at a fraction of the price! :)

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