How I Dye My Hair

3 years ago

I would venture to say about 80% of women dye there hair I`ve been dying mine since I was about 14 I remember the first color I went it was obnoxious I bleached my hair out and did Manic Panic Vampire Red I had the nickname Big Red because of my hair color for a hot minute. I will NEVER do my hair a color like that again because it was a pain to cover up and get rid of.

I`ve dyed my hair just about every natural color there is over the years but for the lat 2 years I`ve stuck with one color in particular Joico Golden Brown its a professional dye I obtain from my Cosmo Prof Store it is professional grade / salon quality product without the price lol I do mine at home to save myself $70 or so dollars every few months

I tend to dye my hair every 4 months to help prevent damage I don`t want to put a whole lot of chemicals on my hair what I use along with the joico golden brown color is 20 developer since Im not going lighter I dont need a higher developer just something to keep me where Im at its a 1 to 1 ration so its about 4 oz of developer to one tube of dye I mix my dye and developer together coat my hair root to dip and wrap my hair up in a sloppy bun and cover my head with a grocery bag and give myself 30 mins to process I wash my hair thoroughly in the shower to get all dye out I feel this dye even conditions my hair well its been a few days since Ive dyed and my hair is so soft


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