How I Deep Clean my Brushes.

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So I finally got around to deep cleaning my brushes. It`s been quite awhile since the last time I deep cleansed them. I`ve just been lazy about it so I kept putting them off. Finally got around to cleaning them.

What I used:
-Dish washing soap
-Olive oil
-Plastic bowl/plate

1. Put a small amount of dish washing soap in the plate/bowl

2. Mix in a small amount of olive oil.

3. Take a dirty makeup brush and swirl it around the plate/bowl until you get a good amount of soap and olive oil onto the brush.

4. Hold the brush with the rustles pointed downwards and run it under lukewarm water, while swirling the bristles in your hand to get the makeup out. Continue this until the water runs clear.

5. Set your brush on a towel to dry. Prop the towel up so that the bristles are pointed down.

6. Repeat with the next brush.

-Don`t ever hold the brushes with the bristles pointing up because you don`t want the water to get into the barrel and loosen up the glue inside.
-Change or add more soap and oil as needed. Bigger brushes will absorb more product so I recommend adding more oil and soap after each brush.
-If the plate is getting dirty, rinse it out and add new soap and oil.

Hopefully this was informative enough for you guys. Let me know if y`all got any questions. I would be more than happy to answer them. And if you have any tips on how you clean your brushes, feel free to share below!

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