How I coloured my hair this time: Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour

3 years ago

I`m not an expert in terms of colouring my hair but lately I`m forced to colour them because I have some white hair and I really can`t stand them. Plus my hair are dark and the white ones pop up more.

Last month I got them done professionally from the hairstylist but after two or three weeks the colour was already gone and I decided to do it from myself even if I`m not happy to do that because when I coloured my hair I get so fustrated because I`m scared of not doing it properly and going around with hair bad coloured. So the 13 june I decided to watch some videos on YT and I probably should watch them before because I get so confident that I immediately and without doubts, decided to do it DIY. Why? I saw that even lady with hair much longer than mine can achieve great result mantaining the calm and doing the proper things.

My hair are just 10 cm under my shoulders and what I`ve done different from the past ...was starting from the hair of the back and only at the end doing my crown...the result for me was so much better but maybe I should take the colour less that 50 minutes (no I`m not crazy, the lady of the hairdresser do the same and almost fried my hair and skin too) because right after the colour process my hair were a little bit too dry...but now they are almost fine after having put mask on them for 2 wash.

I find that this hair colour is fine and better than other that I tried, well I tried only one from L`Oreal and that one didn`t work for me.

I use just one bottle but I may probably need more than one. The colour turn out a lot darker than the photo but that`s ok I didn`t expect great result from it just cover the white and not having strange stain on my head..

I hope that I can do it again and don`t freak out..

* photos are mine please do not take without permission

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