How fake are Celebrities in Seventeen Magazine?

4 years ago

Every time you open a tabloid magazine such as Seventeen, US, People or any other type of magazine. You find celebrities with long lean legs, a teeny waist, perfect skin and glossy hair. But are these magazines airbrushing their celebrity models? Apparently it is pretty much impossible to have perfect skin, legs, weight and hair. I mean some of those celebrities really do have some "perfect" features but they are surely not perfect. Some say putting celebrities with these heavenly facial and body features can be dangerous. But how?

Girls of many ages look at those photos and think about all the reasons they`re not a prefect or pretty as the celebrities in those airbrushed ads. That is honestly not fair to them. I mean if I were a celeb I would want to look picture perfect in my ads too but it`s just not fair to the readers of that magazine or the viewers of that ad. And if they celebs were truly the way they say they are they would be them selves in ads too. If every girl in the whole world took pictures of themselves and then got them photo shopped they could change the picture to look like a totally different person. In my opinion I think all those tabloid magazines should try to make some of their magazine covers have un-airbrushed celebrities so girls see them for who they really are and not the airbrushed, fake version of themselves.
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