How Do YOU Survive A Zombie Attack!!?

4 years ago

Since there`s been a couple of reports talking about how some people have been caught eating other people. It gives one conclusion to everyones mind, ZOMBIES. The cause of this situation could be the economic crisis; people are unable to afford meat from grocery stores. So, they only place they can get fresh meat is on the streets. And again drugs known as LSD (bath salt) is also at fault for this.
Here are some of my opinions on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.
To avoid getting bitten, eaten or even getting discovered by other survivor`s this is what you should do:
Driving out while its chaotic is not the best thing to do because:
1. You have a chance in getting into a car accident
2. Traffic
3. Military can mistake you for a zombie
If, you do take your chances on driving ALWAYS drive on the opposite side. Do you know why? Right!? No one well is driving into the city. If you see the Military keep driving because there only mission is to save you from the zombies. Dont get in there way because youll just make things more difficult for them.
3. BOARD UP ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS when you have two hours until sun down. Stay for the night and leave early in the morning before the sun rises.
4. FIND A RELIABLE HARD WORKING CAR OR TRUCK. A Military hummer or SUV is recommended.
5. ALWAYS BE LOADED WITH AMMUNITION. M60, Ak47, Scar, Sniper and other powerful weapons are recommended. A bow n arrow is also good if you dont want to attract attention. But, only if your good with archery and aiming. Also its only good for a few zombies, it wont do you any good if youre surrounded by hundreds of zombies.
6. THE BEST PLACE TO SHOOT A ZOMBIE is in the head so you can stop the brain from working. Shooting the zombie in the heart is useless.
7. FIND SHELTER OR A SAFE HOUSE with plenty of food that helps you survives for a couple of days. Once you run out of supplies look for other shelters. For me, I would go to a river where there is water and escape routes.
All these seem a good idea but you also need to think about what the military is capable. If the military cant fight of the zombies then they can use nuclear bombs, air strikes and tanks. Anything they can use to destroy in their path. In this kind of scenario the best idea is to head out of the city as soon as possible. Leaving everything behind besides youre family and a diaper bag if you have a baby. In case something is to happen like this its always better to prepared then unprepared.
How do you think you can survive a zombie attack? What are your surviving mechanisms?

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