How do you say no to your best friend?

Since I grew old enough to start understanding how much marriage is a real thing, I started planning bits and pieces of a wedding that I hope to be the bride of.

The first thing I decided on was the colors and flowers. I wanted white daisies with yellow roses and something blue (like forget-me-nots). I didn`t want to seem like the average wanna-be hipster-teen who was already planning their wedding so anything wedding related...never reached the light of day. I told NO ONE anything. I subscribed to wedding magazine, blowing them off when they came as a freebees or bonuses for signing up for website emails but then sneaking them upstairs to cut them apart and add what I wanted into my box of wedding ideas. I had be doing this for 3 years...but like always, something happened.

I got my best friend a boyfriend (I`m the matchmaker in all of my friend`s lovely....) and recently they`ve been planning on getting married (when the whole proposal is happening, who knows. They just want to get married before they leave for her grad school and before everyone finds out they`ve been living together). She came to me for help in plannings and ideas - I finally open up to her about all of my wedding plans (she is my friend after all, and hurt that I had kept it from her) however...what is the first thing that she decides a week later? That her colors are going to be yellow, blue, and white.

But it gets better, she KNOWS that`s what I wanted. She also KNOWS that I want a Spring she does too. It feels like she`s just taking advantage of our friendship and my openness to her. She knows how much I`ve sacrificed for her relationship because of the love I have for her but she certainly doesn`t act like she appreciates it. But I can`t ever say no to her.

So here I am, continuing to help her with this wedding. It`ll turn out great...but now I need to start from page one with mine. Shouldn`t be too difficult though - I`ve got plenty of time ahead of me to figure out all the details.

What about yal? Have you ever had a friend that you can`t say no to?

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