How do you even walk? Hit or miss

5 years ago

while browsing karmaloop`s website, i stumbled upon these platforms. i`ve seen my fair share of odd shoes (those moon boots especially!), but these really take the cake!

these are the chablis shoe in pink glitter (also available in gold glitter!) from the brand sole boutique.

on top of looking really uncomfortable to walk in, these are $150! THAT`S INSANE. i wouldn`t even spend that much money on a pair of shoes that are comfortable to wear everyday. i mean i can`t even imagine lady gaga or nicki minaj wearing these because they`re absolutely insane! but then again, they do like outrageous things...

the heel is 7.5" and the platform is 4.5" so essentially with the platform, i suppose the logic is that it should feel like you`re only wearing a 3" heel? but i couldn`t be possible being that high up off the ground. how do you get used to walking in them and suddenly being over 5 inches taller?! i could maybe stand there... and just stand and stand, and that alone should wear out my feet without the stress of actually having to move...

have any of you seen these before, whether online or in person?

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