How Do You Cure Blisters?

Today was my 2nd day of classes and since it`s the start of school-- I don`t want to fuss with driving so I asked my boyfriend to drop me off. He lives nearby to the college that I attend and I got off a bit early and decided to walk to his house. He said he`d pick me up but since it was just a 15 minute walk, I decided to walk home-- for exercise and I didn`t want extra pollution, lol since it is literally right there. But, I kind of regret walking home, lol. It was hot as the sun was shinning down on me and I GOT a blister under my feet because I wore flip flops. =( I normally don`t get blisters from my flip flops but I was walking pretty fast so I think that`s why.. There were a lot of construction people on the way home and I wanted to walk quickly cause I hate getting dust in my eyes.. because usually when I do, I get an eye infection easily and I didn`t have sunglasses on me. Once, I got home home to my house, I told my parents- they told me to soak my feet in warm water with salt for 10-15 minutes. I didn`t understand why but that`s our home remedy. I looked it up and it`s so that you soften the blister which will help remove the fluid inside the blister = help cure your blister! After doing so, it did feel good but still hurts, you have to repeat it for a few days though and wear socks, shoes next time.. also don`t touch your blister as it can spread.
Other tips & remedies that I found online: An obvious one, use blister ointment Apply Vaseline or gel before bed as it will help cure your blister (I will be doing this one tonight) Pad your blister so it won`t spread & so it won`t get infected either (or lightly put a bandaid, not too tight so the area can breath) Aloe Vera will help relieve pain and cure blisters For more tips: Check out the article sources.
If you have a blister DO NOT: Do not try to pop or break the blister, you`re just going to make it worst.. Don`t continue to wear the shoes that got you this blister (wear more comfortable shoes like socks & a pair of sneakers) AND remember to Wash your hands because blisters can spread around!
What are your home remedies for blisters? Have you tried the method I use or any of the tips above? If not, share yours! ** Photo #1 is not mine from source link below. Photo #2 is mine taken with my iPhone 3GS, I was bored while soaking my feet in the bowl. **
By the way, I hope you`re not eating when you clicked this post, sorry if I disgusted you by the above photo. It`s pretty much a PG photo there are some that would disgust you all if I posted it, even myself lol.... =) Articles I used to support my post: & health

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