How Do It Feel To Be In Love?

Hello Luuux Family,
Have you ever wonder ,How it feel to be in love?
Its a wonderful feeling ,know that you love some one love you an they willing to love you back.Love is not post to hurt.But sometime god has other plans,An you cant question him.To be in love; you have to start from Scratch.First you have to become stranger before friends.Then Good friends before lovers.After that Lover before mate.Then when the time is right your husband an wife.But its hard to balance alot things.

To be in a relationship,You have ask your self,( Is im ready to date in be in love?)
(Is im ready to spend the rest of my life with this one person?
(Is he/she the one for me?)
(You has to know what make them mad or happy.)
(What to do when there sick.)
It like talking care of a child but in a loving way with an adult.The thing u do with adult you cant do with kids.
Kid has love crush ,but they seem to cry; when they have a bad break up an then soon get over it.But as a adult not easy to find love just thats fast,knowing you been hurt,Or had a Bad break up.
For an adult it take healing of time for that pain to be over.Then after that ,you,re starting all over again.

But when you really find love,it gonna feel good.You will feel like your on top of the world.But there will be sometime,that you both might not agree with each other ,about everything.When you disagreed with one another your mad for a while .Hopefully some way your always seem to find love with each other .After you talk it over,Bring love back in the room.
Love is not always about gift an money.But you cant stay no where free without money.It will come time when you have nothing.But what matter you have each other.Being love and having kids of your own.Knowing that you have your own family.Take alot of work to provide for them.After that it was worthy because your both happy.Love is unconditional, love that cant be broken.

God is the head king for you to be in love.Never for get to thank him every morning.Love never hurt,His your king and you his queen as lover.Before you go to sleep .Pray together to keep your love stronger an your family .God make everything happen .So god it the bible god is everything.Love is sweet. So treat each other good an give respect.then everything will be good.
How it feel to be in love,is a the strongest feeling anyone can hold on.Be faith an respect come`s a long way.(so what do you thing?)Are you ready to love?To accept someone in your life.As for me ,I say yes.Its hard to find some one you can trusted.I lost one child she was not evening 1 day old.Some one you can trusted who willing to be there.An show love ,caring an respect.It`s just finding them is hard.Be keep Faith and the feeling is really nice.
I hope you like my writing an my picture.
Tell me what you think.All true

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