How deep are your periodontal pockets?

Yesterday, I went to my dentist to get a teeth cleaning, everything went smoothly [no cavities, no toothaches, no problems] but my hygienist did give me a periodontal pocket test to see how my gums are just because I haven`t done it yet and needed it for my records plus it`s free!

What is a periodontal pocket test?
It`s a test whether your gum pockets are healthy or not. Usually the higher the number [like on tests is the better] but this test, you actually want a low number closest to 1 and under 3. If above 3, you`re going to want to start taking better care of your gums and if you`re above 6, your gums is in horrible condition! Mine were all under 3!

How do the hygienist does the periodontal pockets test? Does it hurt?
The hygienist used a sharp tool to measure your gums but you don`t feel anything therefore it doesn`t hurt. It takes less than 5 minutes to do the test.

What are some symtoms of bad gums?
- Bleeding when you brush or floss
- Bad breath
- Gums are red, swollen or tender
- Loose teeth
- Feel pain
- And so forth

<strong>Have you ever got your periodontal pockets measured to see if your gums are healthy?</strong> If not you should so you can prevent it cause you don`t want your teeth falling out.

I just wanted share what I learned new at my dentist appointment. I always learn new information when I go see my hygienist.

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