How Can I Wear Blue Lip Gloss?

5 years ago

A reader wants to know how to wear the trendy, fun colored glosses. MAC cosmetics is notorious for their use of purple, blue, green, and even black lipglasses. Are they wearable? Completely! Let me show you how.

Dear M,

I keep seeing all of these primary colored lip glosses on the market, and I have NO idea how to wear them. Are blue, green, and yellow glosses truly wearble....or should I save these for Halloween? How do you wear black glosses without looking scary?

Color Conscious

Dear Color Conscious,
I`m surprised I haven`t been asked this question before now! The glosses are completely wearable, even in broad daylight. The secret to their power is that they color correct. What this means is that the lip product`s main color will act with whatever base color you apply or your own lip color. A green lipgloss over your bare lips creates a great nude shade, believe it or not. It`s basic color theory! The red tone of your lips and the green tone of the lipgloss come together to create a brown tone. Therefore upon application of a sheer green lipgloss, you`ll get a flattering honey toned beige lip. Blue lipglosses are great over a berry red lipstick, the blue tone layover makes teeth looking white by contrast! Just be sure you aren`t applying a true blue toned red or pink lipstick, or your results may be a bit too purple for your liking. Yellow glosses make a great highlight or to add depth to a nude lip, too often a nude lip looks cakey or chalky and these sunny gloss shades help to break up the look and make it more luminous than flat. As for black glosses, use these over true reds for a nice burgundy effect. The black, if applied lightly, won`t come off as will just darken your underlying lip shade.

Stay Beautiful!

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