How bad is acetone for you?

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Acetone is an original solvent with the atomic formula C3H6O and it is used in some types of nail polish remover. Acetone is okay to use in small doces, but if you use it often it could affect your health. If you inhale it, it irritates the respiratory tract and may cause coughing, dizziness, dullness, and headache. Higher concentrations can produce central nervous system depression, narcosis, and unconsciousness.
If acetone comes in contact with your skin it could cause redness, pain, drying and cracking of the skin. Prolonged or repeated skin contact may produce severe irritation or dermatitis.
Health effects from long-term exposures are known mostly from animal studies. Kidney, liver, and nerve damage, increased birth defects, and lowered ability to reproduce (males only) occurred in animals exposed long-term. It is not known if people would have these same effects. I don`t use acetone nail polish remover because I don`t want any of these side effects.

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