How about spending the holidays ... a quarry?

New construction ideas are always welcome and then if they can minimize the damage in nature, the better. In China a construction group has a project to reclaim the remains of a quarry and build a super recreational area.

There are several types of quarry. Those who cut a lot and digging a hole in the ground. What was a hole in the ground is the most harmful to nature. In Shanghai, China, there is a quarry of this type which has already had to give and now there remains a gaping hole over 100 meters.

In construction, one of the biggest expenses will travel to the land. Takes time, lots of machinery and some place to put the land that we want to remove. Then someone remembered to take this big hole to make a building with a large swimming pool: D

This project is developed by Shanghai Shimao Group in partnership with the British engineering firm called Atkins. The project includes construction of a luxury five stars on the slope of the quarry with about 20 floors, and can have up to 380 rooms. The hotel will be called Songjiang Hotel and like all luxury hotels have spa services, but this sports center is located in the countryside, 50km from the big city.

Now the extravagances: Is an artificial lake, will make a topic area on the surface, there will be a cascade of water from the top of the quarry to the pond but the water will be channeled into a glass structure, a restaurant under water and a large aquarium. Will prepare an area of the quarry to make it scalable and will install a bungee jumping: DE as we are in the era of energy, all energy generated per year by the cascade will be used to power the complex.

This project dates back to 2008, the cost is estimated at $ 555 million and the latest estimates for implementation point to somewhere between 2014 and 2015. Perhaps the construction of the new Disneyland give a push for this idea :)

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