House that fits in your POCKET!

<em>What if I told you, I had a house in my pocket -- Would you believe me?</em>

Well, I don`t have a house in my pocket but the photo above the guy has a house in a pocket. This <Strong>basic house</strong> is designed by Martin Azua. It is a house that is made out of metallicized polyester and is enough to shelter yourself. Since the house is made out of metallicized polyester it allows the outside of your home to be warm while in the inside being cool. This house is designed for emergency usages. The house looks pretty spacious inside to even fit two though.

<strong>What do you think of this house that fits in your pocket?</strong> I think it`s a great idea (encase of emergencies, light weight, portable) and I think this would help homeless. It keeps a roof over them!

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