House hiding to escape the tornadoes

4 years ago

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The architecture is another area where we have also witnessed a small revolution. The existence of new materials and building super machines, mean that architects begin to think about things more daring. Such as, home-made anti that are hidden on the floor?!
Maybe I used the word evil. Should not have said "hide" but "protect"!

The idea arose in the architectural firm of Design 10 in Hong Kong. Do not know where they were inspired, but in fact if you look at the nature (and after a quick search on the Internet), we note that there are many animals that are hidden in the ground to protect themselves from potential danger.

Now imagine, having a house with a large hydraulic motor underneath, able to raise the house about 10 meters high. Moreover, the roof has the ability to preclude the entry of water and wind. When all the houses are on the ground, they exchange data with each other to analyze the situation out there in order to calculate the best time to climb. Yes ... there`s more. Kevlar. The structure of the house is made of Kevlar (a super resilient used for example in the bullet-proof vests) especially permitting the passage of light.

While most of the world is now more concerned with aa financial crisis, these gentlemen want people to spend bal├║rdios homes in tornado-proof. But it is also true that a life is priceless ...

Let`s wait to see what comes out the prototype is already being built somewhere in the USA.

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