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4 years ago

Hello Foodies! I know it might sound crazy to be having hotpot during the summer months, but I was craving it and couldn`t help myself. My husband and I had hotpot actually two weekends ago. We decided to do some food shopping at our local Asian market. I picked up some enoki mushroom, nappa cabbage and udon noodles. I took a peek at their meat selection and nothing looked fresh, so I decided not to get any. The rest of the food I had at home and pretty much threw in what needed to be eaten. I love when you can randomly throw food in rather than have it go to waste. I have to admit, I cheated and used pre-made hotpot broth from Lee Kum Kee brand: Spicy Seafood packet. It was really good. I highly recommend that. For our dipping sauce, I mixed a few spoonfuls of Taiwanese bbq sauce and egg. It was delish. We ended having hotpot for lunch the next day again.

The following were used for our hotpot:

-enoki mushrooms, firm tofu, udon noodles, mussels,shrimp, scallops, pork balls, nappa cabbage, Romaine lettuce, bean thread noodles, tomatoes, fishcakes, chicken and lamb dumplings.

Q: How do you like your dipping sauce for hotpot? What do you like in your hotpot?

I am always looking for new recipes for hotpot dipping sauce. If you have one comment below!

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