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Yesterday night I had a small dinner event to attend for my school organization and I decided to change up my hair a little bit. On a daily basis, I leave my hair straight. I just comb through it to get rid of tangles and I pretty much just leave it as is. Sometimes when I have extra time I like to curl my hair. It`s been super windy in LA lately so last night I decided to braid my hair so it wouldn`t get all crazy after being blown around by the wind. I saw the original hairstyle on youtube on a channel called I`ll link the video with the hairstyle tutorial in the source below. This hairstyle is super easy to do, but I think it`s a fun variation to the classic side braid :) . First, I combed my hair to make sure there aren`t any tangles. Next, I pull all my hair to the right side and section it off into three equal parts. I take the section that is closest to my neck and make a tight three-strand braid. I tie the braid off with a hair tie and then I proceed to braid the rest of my hair with this section. So just treat the braid as a section of the bigger braid. I know this is probably making no sense lol but if you watch the video, then you`ll know exactly what I`m talking about. It`s super easy to do. The last thing I did was curl my bangs and some of the shorter sections of my hair with a 1 inch curling iron. I curled away from my face and then just ran my fingers through the hair to soften the look. Overall, I really like this look. It`s quick and easy, but still looks cute. I really like how it looks with my bangs curled too. I got a lot of compliants on it last night so I think I`ll be wearing this look more often. Oh, and totally random, but one of my friends called it inception braids because it`s a braid within a braid lol. Oh so lame, but so funny at the time when she said it. [images are mine] hair fashion

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