HOTD Simple bohoromantic hairdo

Hey girls,

This is my simple hairdo I did for going to the zoo.
`ll explain shortly how I did this in the hope that you will know how to do it yourself because I wasnt really inspired by anything but myself so it is hard to show.

what I did was parted 2 small sections from downwards behind my ears and I braided these.After that I did my front part how I liked it and styled my bangs in this like fake girly hawk or something like that I sectioned a little part under the bangs loose and away. You grab the braids and gently cover the part you clipped your bangs up with away from left to right and right to left. Hide the ends of your braids behind eachother and add an fake braided headband to it on almost the same spot. Then curl your hair a bit wavy and style it loose or to the left/right as I did at last you curl the small part you pulled out of your bangs earlier away from your face and position it however you want. Now SPRAY IT! (for longer lasting waves just spray your hair and grab it and squeeze it upwards.

SORRY if this was hard for you to read since I am dutch I am doing the best I can telling you in a proper way on the last picture you can see the braided headband I ment.

I hope this was helpfull for you. If you didnt really understand but DO wanna know how to do this hairdo please dont be shy to ask me and `ll make an tutorial or something like that!

ps: at picture 2 you see a small part pinned away up over my braided part THIS ISNT MENT TO I forgot I did that when my sweetheart took this picture and it was even sticking up so it looked a bit silly. `ll post an GOOD view of this nice updo VERY soon (on picture 4&5 i fixed my bangs after looking in the toilet mirror and laughing at myself for this haha)

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xoxo much love!

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