HOTD: Four Strand French Braid

3 years ago

Hey guys! I think this would be my first hair post ever. But I was just so proud of my hair that I just had to share. If you are addicted to youtube beauty videos like I am then you´ve seen different variations of the four and five strand braid. They seem hard but they´re really not once you get the hang of it. If you ever weaved a basket back in elementary then you´ve got nothing to worry about. What I did: I grabbed a section of hair from the top of my head and divided it into four sections. I grabbed the first section and passed it over the second strand, under the third and over the fourth. Again I grabbed the first section (which was previosly the second) but this time I added hair from the right then weaved it again but before I reached the fourth I added hair from the left to that fourth on. I continued doing this until I ran out of hair (I didn´t go much further beause I have layers) But just in case you didn´t understand my explanation I linked a video on the bottom. The only difference is she went under. Let me know what you think...Have you tried it? -·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·- Follow·Like·Comment·Share·Friend

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