HOTD: Braided Headband!

4 years ago

Hey guys and gals! Yesterday, I went to a casual full orchestra concert with my sister (for her end of year senior high performance) and I decided to dress really unformally so naturally, I wore a casual hairdo as well because the hair is what makes the outfit!

So, as you can see in the title and pictures, I wore my hair as a braided headband. You can`t see but I also curled the ends of my hair with a curling iron so that it looked cuter :D I thought that the braided headband look looked really cute and I was so glad to find that I was finally able to wear it because before, my layers were too short. Sometime or another, I`m planning on making a Youtube tutorial over this look so stay tuned! My Youtube channel name is MissKarennZhou :)

1. Separate your hair by doing a half do and make sure that the hair in your half do is out of the way.

2. Take a small section outside of the half do and hold it vertically up, making sure that it is smooth and can be taken across to the other side.

3. Holding the hair vertically, begin braiding it.

4. Once you reach the end, secure your hair with a thin and discreet elastic and pull your hair across until the braid is where you`d want the headband to lie. If your braid has little hairs sticking out, use gel on it.

5. Take two bobby pins and put them at the end of your braid, securing it to your head in an "X" shape.

6. Release the hair in the half do and mess with it until you cover the bobby pins!

7. [OPTIONAL] Curl the ends of your hair for a casual spring look.

I hope you guys enjoy this and let me know if you tried it out!

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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