Hot Yoga: A `hot` experience

2 years ago

Hello fellow Luuuxers! So I recently decided to make changes in my teen life and to start living healthier and cleaner. Trying new foods, new activities, etc. I`ve become very into pilates and yoga and the best part is the factor of be able to do it right in your own living room, becoming one of the most versatile activities out there. So when my older sister`s friend asked us if we wanted to try `hot` yoga for the first time at a cost of only $8, the only answer I could think of was `YES`.

Hot yoga is basically typical yoga but in a room that is at a sweltering 105 degree room. Forget about a summer heat wave. When you step foot into the room you immediately feel like you`ve stepped into a gigantic sauna. Now, I am not a `hot` type of girl. I usually like to feel comfortable, not to hot and not to cold. But once you get past the fact that its 105 degrees and that you are now currently sweating in places you didn`t even know could produce sweat, you soon begin to forget how hot it is because you on concentrating on your poses and your inner `zen`. To be honest, whenever I exercise and try something new that I`m not familiar with I always think halfway through, `why on Earth did I sign up to do this`. But then, when you are taking your final resting pose or have just finished an intense workout you realize why you do what you do. As soon as you go home and shower off and hop into bed you feel amazing. Hot yoga is amazing for your body.

Tips & Tricks for Hot Yoga:
1. DRINK WATER. Water, as you all probably know, is one of the most important liquids that can go into your body. And when your doing hot yoga you will sweat EVERYTHING out of your body. If you don`t drink water prior and your not hydrated then your body won`t have anything to `sweat out` and you will feel the full effects of dehydration. I would suggest drinking a full water bottle or a tall glass of water at least 1-2 hours before your class. After all, there`s nothing worse than exercising and felling a tummy full of water.

2. Dress accordingly. Most people in the class are usually dressed in leggings and a sports bra or tank top. But if you don`t want to be so bold with the skin then I suggest wearing tanks or tees. Avoid cotton since they can trap heat in. Look for sportswear made out of nylon or stretchy material. Keep in mind the class is usually 75-90 minutes long so you want to dress comfortably. Either way, you will probably sweat right through your clothes.

3. As much as we woman love looking good while doing everything we do, I would not suggest wearing ANY makeup on your face. Your face will be drenched in sweat and having makeup on will just clog your pores and break you out. Make sure you wash your face and arrive to class with a fresh face. Believe it or not, all the sweat is actually good for your skin. All the oils and dirty comes through your pores, leaving you with a natural (but sweaty) glow!

4. Remember to just have fun! Exercising and trying new things can be stressful, and then to add the heat and the sweat on to it can just be a pain. But these classes are typically for people of all levels. Whether your a beginner, starting out your first class, or this is your 100th time doing it, everyone learns something new and everyone enjoys the class. Not once have I ever felt incapable of doing the moves, as long as I was having fun an being active then that is enough of me and hopefully enough for you!
Try it out and have fun! Leave comments below about your experiences and tips!

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