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4 years ago

I just got back from a hot yoga class and thought I would share and maybe inspire you to try it out.
Although most hot yoga studios charge a pretty penny for memberships, most studios will offer drop-in classes once or twice a week at a cost from anywhere between 5-20$. This is a great way to get the benefits of the practice without the commitment and price of a membership.
I encourage everyone to try it at least once. Most people think that yoga requires a certain amount of flexibility or fitness. However, flexibility is not an important factor in the poses since the instructor shows different levels of each pose that vary in difficulty or intensity. And as for fitness level, I can never stress to people enough that walking into a yoga class for the first time will change your expectations. There are people of every size, height AND age that attend classes regularly.
The benefits of yoga truly do outweigh the risks or fears of trying a class. Hot yoga is a great way to shed extra pounds due to water retention, reduce cellulite (I can vouch for this), tone and detoxify the body.

Ways to beat the heat:
The temperature of the room is set usually around 105 degrees F and the humidity is cranked. The feeling of the air can be surprising but its important to remember that it helps you sweat out the toxins in your body. Drink lots of water before, during and after class to avoid dehydration (the instructor often allows breaks to take a sip of water during class). I LOVE squeezing some lemon juice into my water to have during class, it`s refreshing and helps with detoxification.
Wear minimal clothing. Dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some people choose to wear sweatpants and a shirt where others dress in just shorts and a sports bra. All that`s important is the stretch of the fabric and how comfortable it makes the class for you.
A towel to place down on your mat is essential to avoid slipping and sliding around. You will sweat more than you ever thought possible so bring a towel long enough to cover most of your mat to place down around halfway through the class. This absorbs the sweat that can become uncomfortable and gives you a better grip on your mat.

I hope this entry helped you at least consider trying a class and experience the benefits for yourself.
Til next time and Namaste!

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