Hot Wheels Remote Control by using your iPhone!

<strong>Hotwheels</strong> is a well known brand for selling toy cars and trucks for kids but now they`re releasing an application that you can download on your apple device (iPhone/iPad) to control the two inch hot wheel car!

The cool thing with the app is that you have five different ways of remote controlling the car.

1: Dual Stick Controller
2: Accelerometer Option
3: Slide shows
4: Select patterns
5: Draw a pattern and the car will follow your pattern

<em>How much does this remote control hot wheels iNitro Speeders cost?</em> $32.99

It sounds pretty cool and from the article it says the game is built in so you can play anywhere so it sounds like no Internet is needed but I`m not sure. I think the price is pretty steep for a toy because kids don`t really have an iPhone or iPad to play. I think inventions like this make kids want it and then their parents will have to get them an iPhone or iPad [which is a win/win situation for Hotwheels and Apple, the two companies probably planned this]

<strong>Is this a remote control car you would play with?</strong> I would try it out if it was like $15... I`ll wait til` it goes on sale. I love remote control cars, I have a few myself but not one that can be controlled with an iPhone. :)

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