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5 years ago

What is there better to do on a cold day but to go hot pot with your girls? Nothing is better than that, to simply just catch up with one another and keep warm at the same time. Two blocks away from my house they opened up a new hot pot placed called <strong>Mister Hot Pot</strong>. The interior designed of this place is pretty neat and modern which catches my attention as well. This hot pot place isn`t all you can eat but you get a good amount for what we order.

<ol><li>We got <strong>half & half hot pot</strong>, which basically means one of the side is spicy soup and the other is not spicy.</li>
<li>I love the way they serve the sauces for us to choose from. I don`t need to get up, they way the put it in those plates are pretty created and basically we choose what we want in our soy sauces from these little plates of things. There is parsley, sa cha sauce, garlic, onions, spicy peppers, etc.</li>
<li>This is how my soy sauce looks, it contains soy sauce, parsley, garlic and that sa cha suace which is my favorite.</li>
<li>This is how the menu looks, the price range is pretty reasonable for some dishes and not for some.</li>
<li><strong>Crab Claw Mushrooms</strong> are the bomb. I think I got like 5 of these in total, they are so darn delicious!</li>
<li><strong>Sausages, Eggs, Taro & Cuttlefish Paste</strong> were all delicious, my favorite was the cuttlefish paste and those little eggs.</li>
<li><strong>Fishballs</strong> are so delicious. I love these fishballs because inside of them has these things that makes them ten times better.</li>
<li><strong>Shrimp</strong> were yummy, I like how they provided a stick on them so we can easily take it out of the pot without it being too cooked.</li>
<li><strong>Fatty Beef</strong> is my favorite of them all. I can eat so many of this and not get sick of it. I think this is one of my many people`s favorite when they go out for hotpot.</li></ol>

Overall, I had a great meal. For 3 girls, we can really eat a lot. The bill came out to be about $100 if I remember correctly. The food was delicious and the service was very good as well.

<em>Have you ever hot pot before? If yes, what is your favorite dish to hot pot?
What did you have for dinner?</em>

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