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You probably think I hot pot very often, well I sort of did this year because my girls always wants to go and I am usually fine with whatever I want to eat. So we decided to go the hot pot place near my house called <strong>Mister HotPot</strong>. The food here tastes good but it is pretty expensive for the small portions we get. I`ll rather go to an all you can eat hot pot place but there isn`t a place near me that has all you can eat hot pot unless I take the subway or bus.

<ol><li><strong>"The Sauces"</strong> is presented very uniquely. We get to pick what we want to add into our soy sauce. I like the way it is presented but not very hygenic since it`s passed around to every customer.</li>
<li><strong>"Half & Half Pot"</strong> is what we got as soup base. One side is spicy and the other side is chicken broth.</li>
<li><strong>"Beef"</strong> is my favorite and classic dish of all. It`s considered as fatty beef and it tastes super super delicious.</li>
<li><strong>"Clams"</strong> was pretty good but the meat inside was so small and once they opened the meat kept getting lost in the soup LOL</li>
<li><strong>"Mushrooms"</strong> were so so good. I got like three plates of these because they tasted THAT good.</li>
<li><strong>"Fish Tofu"</strong> is basically tofu that is fish flavored.</li>
<li><strong>"Crab Sticks"</strong> is basically crab meat you find in sushi but it`s artificial crab.</li>
<li><strong>"Mushrooms #2"</strong> is another type of mushrooms we got, they are really good too.</li>
<li><strong>"Vegetables"</strong> is a must when it comes to hot pot.</li>
<li><strong>"Fish Balls & Beef Balls"</strong> is what my girls order. I didn`t really like how they taste much.</li></ol>

Overall, the food was enjoyable and it`s good to hot pot when the weather gets a bit chilly. I always feel so full once I finish but I always look forward to going back there and eat.

<em>What did you have for dinner tonight?
Do you enjoy hot potting at home or outside at a restaurant? What is your favorite dish?</em>

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