HOT PEPPERS !!! Good for you?!

5 years ago

Image is mine

Ever seen peppers like these ? They are tiny, very colourful and SPICY AS HECK !!!
You get their juice in your eye and - good luck.
You can buy these at some grocery stores or at indian or african supermarkets sometimes.
In my house, these are boiled in hot water, after the stem is removed, then put to be blended in the blender. Later some olive oil is added and this is put in a jar.
We use it as pepper for our food, so we add this meals like sauce and rice, or sometimes pizza.
Many people would think that think these would be bad, that someone could give themselves ulcers by eating such spicy food - however, this isn`t true !!

These detoxify you and they create a lining in your stomach that protects you against the toxins in painkillers which cause ulcers in the stomach overtime. These peppers stop that from happening, not to mention that they keep you.... regular...

Hope you enjoyed this post !!! and keep in mind that many food can help you fight cancer, ulcers etc. Like palm oil is anti-cancer, so are shitaki mushrooms and certain spices like tumeric. Colour fruits are sometimes antioxidants. etc.

Happy healthy Luuuxing !!!

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