Hot Hot Hot Wings

4 years ago

This was one of the premade cooked meals that they sold at my local grocery store so I picked one up since I was not able to eat breakfast before leaving the house. That made me end up buying many random foods that I haven`t tried before. (Never shop on an empty stomache!) The entire meal as you see from the photos was 7$ pretty price, but for the pretty chicken wings and a monster of a stomache of course it was worth every since penny. Although I really love my spicy foods, I appreciated the fact that the wings still has a hint of spice, but not spicy to the point where my little cousin couldn`t enjoy it with me. The meat of the wings were nice and the texture was soft not too dry or moist. The only problem I had with these wings were skin itself. It was a little oily and chewy. It wasn`t unbearble but I wish the skin was a little more crispy. Overall, a great meal indeed!

<Strong> What do you think of my meal? Where is your favorite place to buy chicken wings? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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