Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips

4 years ago

Yes, you read that right ... <strong>Hot Dog Flavored Potato Chips!</strong>

I picked up this bag of chips at the market really out of curiosity. I had seen them a number of times and since they did not have the Sweet Onion that I really wanted, I opted to bring these home. I`ve been eating really good all weekend and since I had a bunch of points left tonight I decided to try some of these chips as a treat. The first bite? Pucker city! I said "My that`s flavorful." It was so overwhelming I didn`t really TASTE anything, just vinegaryness. Second chip ... oh these are starting to taste like mustard. Third chip? Yes, mustard all the way. That`s the ONLY flavor I picked up from eating these and I ate 7 chips (roughly 1/2 a serving). There was not smoky hot dog type flavor. Not even a ketchup flavor. You may taste a hint of "relish" but I really think it`s just the insane vinegar mustard taste that makes you believe you`re having the illusion of sour green relish. Not terrible, but not the greatest thing I have ever eaten. I`ll let my boyfriend try these tomorrow (he LOVES mustard) so if he enjoys them, he can go to town. If not, they`ll be finding a permanent home in our garbage can.

Would you ever try or purchase hot dog flavored chips?

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