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There are about 9500 women-only fitness centers in the US alone and this accounts for nearly 35% of the total health club market. According to a 2002 report, 52% of America`s 36 million health club members are women and it is estimated that it is bound to grow by leaps and bounds.

In a `women-only` fitness center, women who are little more body conscious need not worry about how they look doing a squat or the possibility of someone staring or watching them. Women-only fitness centers are for those women desiring privacy out of personal preference or religious choice.

Women-only fitness centers offer personal and practical solution to all fitness problems at all level. Women of all ages and fitness levels can join these all inclusive fitness centers and get into shape in a dynamic and highly effective environment designed for today`s go getters.

Women only fitness centers

Woman spends most of her life caring for others. It is imperative that she gives atleast half an hour thrice a week to care for herself. Fitness centers provide the right opportunities for women to look and feel better and give them time and space for themselves.

Obese woman can do well to shed tons and pounds and inches here and stay away from diabetes and high blood pressure caused by excess weight. Even younger woman with weak heart conditions can improve and stay fit under the advice of fitness instructors monitored by cardio equipments. Fitness centers also cater to regularizing weight, cholesterol and bone density apart from blood glucose levels.

Regular exercise at fitness centers can do wonders for bones and joints. Water aerobic classes at these centers help to ease the pains of arthritis. Aerobics and indoor cycling with weights and personal trainers are a boon for those who are fortunate enough to use them.

What do women-only fitness centers offer?

Integrated programs in women-only fitness centers include weight management, nutrition and flexibility training, cardiovascular fitness programs and strength training and toning. Yoga classes, Pilates and step-aerobics are offered early, mid mornings and during evenings, convenient to suit the timings of the working and non working women.

Fitness gyms are equipped with cardio machines, strength training machines, spa facilities and saunas, steam bath, ice rooms, tanning and stretching and massage areas. Some of the fitness centers offer indoor salt water pool and spa combined with water aerobics program and indoor cycle program.

Prior to beginning the program, body composition is estimated in a matter of minutes. The percentage of body fat and lean muscle mass is measured with sophisticated equipments. This determines the healthy balance needed to maintain and establish fitness goals.

A true combination of strength training, tone and muscle mass increase and aerobic and cardiac exercise schedules make these women-only fitness centers truly beneficial for woman clientele.

Advantages of women-only fitness centers

Since such fitness centers cater specifically to women, they are smaller in size and everybody knows each other by name.

Members can be casual and exercise in a comfortable atmosphere.

One to one training is imparted and each member enjoys personal attention.

Fitness centers help to invigorate and reinvent. A woman can revitalize with a massage therapy session be it deep-tissue, sports massage or pregnancy massage and forget the stresses of day to day life.

Women-only fitness center can be construed as a refuge that fits into an already hectic lifestyle.

Women-only fitness centers have equipments specifically designed for women. The diet programs and supplements are also created keeping her in mind. For instance multiple vitamin is too much iron for him but apt for her.

The privacy offered by women-only fitness centers is ideal for the woman who keenly wants to change her lifestyle and body can do so in a natural way coupled with a relaxed mental attitude.

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